& Quality Policy

Alucar’s core business is the manufacture and sale of sub frames and sub frame kits for timber vehicles. In addition, Alucar provides quality timber bunks for timber vehicles. Aluminium is the material of choice that is primarily used. Alucar aims to continually decrease negative environmental impact thereby actively contributing to sustainable ecological development.

We reduce the amount of raw materials, energy and water used through improved work processes, product standardisation and maximised recycling. In doing this we have ”raised the bar” far beyond the minimal level of legal requirements and we see ourselves as the standard bearer by which modern industrial manufacturing companies can benchmark against. We view our environmental policy to be proactive rather on reactive with a focus on environmental accident prevention, education and discipline.

Through active communication and education we strive to raise environmental awareness in both internal and external channels.

Our products and services will always surpass our customer’s expectations and demands. All our products and services are provided with such high quality standards that our customers prioritise purchase from us. Quality is and always will be the priority of Alucar employees.

This will be achieved by:

  • Creating customer / supplier relationships within the company where each individual is responsible for their aspect of the business.

  • Educate and communicate with all employees so that processes are started and sustained in the correct manner.

  • Accept those demands that we have the ability and resources to meet.

  • Continually strive to be better and to better processes.

  • Meet the demands that affect us within the quality control ISO 9001:2000 and environmental control ISO 14001 standards, that our products fullfill.

  • AAA highest Creditworthiness endorsement for excellent economical figures, positive background, payment beahaviour and volume high enough.

  • Utilization of packages and environment according to PYR-endorsement we have reached.