Alu 55-75-95

ALU 55

ALU 75

ALU 95

Aluminium bunks guarantee maintanance free and economical transport

Bolster frame and telescopic stakes made of aluminium. Both models are also available with one-length stakes which can be max. 3100 mm long.

  • We use only the highest quality alloys in our products
  • Anodised stakes and bunk frames secure better and longlasting product
  • Stake and bunkframes are secured by bolts, which prevent wearings
  • We supply complete bunkfixations variation to choose from: firm-, quick- and friction attachments
  • Aluminium bunks combine economy, maintenance free, durability and security

Strong and light aluminium bunks.

Light and maintanance free full aluminium bunks.

Strong and light aluminium bunks.

Full aluminium bunk for more demanding timber transport.

Strong and light aluminium bunks.

9 ton bunk for 2-bunk systems.