XL 3-5

XL 3

XL 5

XL 3 and 5 series are 7 ton. capacity bunks -made out of different steel alloys. XL bunks are designed for very rough and demanding road conditions. According to our experience this bunk model has turned out being extremely secure choice with its reliability and low maintenance.

XL 3 bunks can be equipped with conical stakes with lengths from 2500 till 2850 mm. XL 5 bunks have telescopic stakes with steel lower stake section and aluminium extension.

XL bunks have 2 different stake mounting choices on the same bunkframe. Detachable stakes can be mounted either with a steel wedge and a bolt or by welding the stake to the bunkframe.

XL series are produced by combining latest welding and steel quality technologies. To resist corrosion bunkframes are sandblasted, zinc primed and powder coated.

XL bunks have best price/ quality combination on the markets.