Crane Brackets

Alucar crane brackets are produced for both, fixed and detachable purposes. In each case the bracket is custom-made, in order to suit the specific truck and crane model.



Detachable crane console is the most common solution on the market. Detachable console enables the extension of the load space. Crane operating reach is longer, which helps especially when loading the trailer. Furthermore crane can be detached from the truck to save the weight and optimize the wood payload.

Sockets equipped with tighteners ensure steady loading. For cranes up to 14 tm.




Newest innovation to the crane bracket selection. Combines the useful mechanism of both fixed crane console and detachable crane console.



Light and durable solution for short loading distances. For cranes up to 14 tm.



Patented invention for detachable crane mounting from Alucar. Crane console function is demountable and glidable

  • Optimized weight balance in truck when console is driven forward: Better steerability and savings in tire costs
  • Optimized loading reach ability in truck and trailer
  • Load space can be adjusted according to wood load
  • Easier turning with cabin crane
  • Wood payload can be optimized by removing the crane after loading
  • Crane can be used in several chassis
  • Loading comfortability and security because of console continuous hydraulic tightening and mechanical security locking
  • Fast and easy detach and mounting operation: Security locks are opened, crane is lifted up with own legs and hoses will be disconnected
  • Available for every truckbrand and is changeable to other truck afterwards
  • Technical details: 4 hydraulic cylinder tightens the clamps under the subrame flange and moving cylinder operating distance 800 mm. Weight 280 kg. Mounting for cranes with 4 points attachement and maximum 12 Tm. Also deliverable without moving function.