We have long experience of mounting and selling hydraulic components of timber transport trucks. During the years of work and customer response has proven that every component in hydraulics needs to be top quality. Qualified brand name hydraulic pumps, sufficient diameter hydraulic lines, lightweight aluminium hydraulic tank connected by right kind hoses and industrial usage connectors all together ensure effective and maintenance free oil flow.

In the hydraulic lines we use only surface treated passivated pipes, pearl joints and heavy duty clamps. Line sizes are 1” in pressure and 2” in return. Lines are mounted to chassis by using rubber brackets, which eliminates resonance from chassis. This way the lines servicing will be minimized. Hydraulic hoses come to us straight from the supplier with ready connectors. This way quality of the lines and hose connections keeps steady all the time and it also makes hydraulic system more reliable.

For joining truck hydraulic line into crane we use Multimax valve. It contains pressure limiter and free flow valve.

Multimax pressure valve brings you safety and swiftness when detaching the crane. Benefits:
- You save up to 5 hoses in double circuit hydraulics
- The flow resistance is reduced when the pressure hoses are connected to Multimax
- Reduced heating of the oil
- Safe operation also in winter conditions

Aluminium oil tank

Alucar aluminium hydraulic tank is specially designed for demanding circumstances of timbertransport. It´s made of marine aluminium. It is very important that hydraulic pump gets oil in cooler temperature and air free to prevent damages. The structure of the tank is made in a way that oil circules inside the tank and cooles down. During circulation air bubles are reduced to minimum in the oil flow. Other benefit of our aluminium tank is light own weight of 17-29 kg. Filter is with large 500 l. capacity, which fulfil requirements of today’s hydraulic system.

Marine aluminium is rigid, tensile and impact-resistant. It does not rust and corrode. It withstands all natural conditions of freezing and temperatures of up to 200°C. Aluminium combines being lightweight with great strength. Aluminium is 30 % lighter than as steel.