Load Divider

Load divider system is helpful on icy or soft grounds. Moving the weight balance to the second driving axle and lifting up the third axle helps the driver to overcome the challenging terrain. Also the turning radius is less when last axle is lifted up, and therefore steering the car is easier. Alucar load divider systems fits to all 6x4 trucks.

Many good reasons for using a load divider:

  1. Turning radius will be much smaller in tight turning places
  2. Moving the weight balance for driving axle helps in icy or snowy circumstances
  3. Savings in tire costs
  4. Precise laser cutted parts will fit perfectly
  5. System is completely air working
  6. Parts are measured to fit together
  7. Changeable axle fixing brackets are always equal to original parts quality
  8. Load divider securely mounted to truck chassis
  9. Complete front and rear systems mean very operating quick axle lift
  10. Structure isn’t prohibiting mounting a superstructure
  11. Minimized mounting weldings means less air escape
  12. Air pressure parts from Wabco
  13. Only quality electricity parts
  14. Large capacity air pipes ensure quick functions
  15. Big air tan
  16. Reliable mountings and deliveries
  17. Trustable after sales
  18. Clear mounting instructions
  19. Driving axle is pushed down and rear lifted up
  20. Available for most common truck brands
  21. Also for air suspended rear axles
  22. Will be left to truck when truck is sold forward
  23. That means higher resales value!