Sanding Gear

Simply press the button to give your wheels proper grip !

The ALUCAR Sanding Gear comes complete with a large-capacity bin designed to fit your truck. With its large sand capacity, the bin requires only infrequent filling. Thanks to the asymmetric design of the bin - which is made from 2 mm thick stainless steel - the sand will not form a blockage. The ALUCAR Sanding Gear is powered by a 24V motor. The volume of the bin is 92 litres. Each bin can be activated via a separate switch. The bin can be easily removed for the summer season.

You need sanding gear:
- on hills and curves
- when starting your vehicle on an icy surface
- when you are braking
- as a preventive measure

Provided with a large bin, the sanding gear requires little space (36 cm/46 cm). The bin requires only infrequent filling. Recommended filling = chippings 4 to 8 mm. Large grain size = low consumption. The filling will not form an arch in the correctly designed bin. The bin is made of 2 mm stainless steel.

Heated sanding gear
The effective heating coil (150 W) prevents the freezing of the chips and the feed roller. No unnecessary addition of costly salt or glycol is required. The sanding gear can be fitted on the truck or removed in a few seconds. The bin is easy to fill. Just pull the bin out on the console and fill from above.