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Naaran Kuljetushuolto Oy new representative for Alucar superstrucutre in Eastern Finland

Alucar, the world’s leading timber truck superstructure producer, and Naaran Kuljetushuolto Oy have entered into a partnership deal to sell Alucar products in Eastern Finland. Reseller cooperation supports the management of new customer relationships in Eastern Finland in particular. Customers accustomed to handle purchases with familiar contacts Julius Närvä and Marcus Peth can still continue working with them as usual.

Naaran Kuljetushuolto Oy is a well-known operator in the timber industry and has solid experience in crane installation, bodywork and trailer maintenance. Jyrki Paunonen from Naaran Kuljetushuolto Oy will invest heavily in selling Alucar products. Lassi Suihkonen is responsible for maintenance work.

The sales program will include Alucar superstructures and their installation, as well as related accessories and spare parts.

Together we are well placed to increase the quality of sales and service of Alucar superstructures in Eastern Finland, says Anssi Alasaari of Alucar Oy and Jyrki Paunonen of Naaran Kuljetushuolto Oy.

– The newly announced dealership cooperation is a consistent step in the implementation of our new strategy and a major event for the entire industry in Finland. Many of our customers operate specifically in Eastern Finland and we want to be closer to the customer. Naaran Kuljetushuolto’s approach to high quality Alucar products, regardless of truck make. The companies also share common values, which is very important, says Anssi Alasaari.

– The goal of Naaran Kuljetushuolto is to offer our customers not only Alucar products but also good quality service and the best customer experience in the entire superstructure sector, says Jyrki Paunonen.

Naaran Kuljetushuolto Oy welcomes its customers!

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