Mikko Yli-Heikkuri strengthens Alucar’s export sales team

At the beginning of the year, Mikko Yli-Heikkuri started his new job as Alucar’s export salesperson. Now Alucar can provide even more efficient service to international partners and customers.

Export sales account for more than 50 percent of Alucar’s total sales. In order to serve our partners and customers even better and faster in the future, Mikko Yli-Heikkuri was appointed new export salesperson at the beginning of February. The export sales team also includes Virpi Hattula and Thomas Partanen.

Mikko, who has studied international trade and is passionate about the development of the automotive industry, has a 20-year history in sales and the industrial sector. He has worked as a sales manager in industrial crane sales and as a seller of trucks and superstructures. He has crossed paths with Alucar multiple times over the years.

“I got to work with Alucar when I was, for example, selling trucks. Thanks to this I was already familiar with Alucar’s quality and stylish products. However, I was surprised how much international trade is done here – Alucar has partners and customers even in Japan,” Mikko says.

From left to right: CEO Anssi Alasaari, Virpi Hattula, Thomas Partanen and Mikko Yli-Heikkuri.

Timber trucks are different in every country

Where sellers in domestic sales keep close contact with end customers, sellers in export sales primarily serve resellers and superstructure manufacturers. Nevertheless, the goal is the same – to build a timber truck that meets the end customer’s needs and is ready to hit the road.

“Our task is to make everything as easy as possible for both our partners and end customers,” Mikko emphasizes.

The end customers’ needs differ between countries. Mikko thinks this makes the job “challenging in a good way”.

“Customers in different countries have a need for superstructure solutions that we are not used to in Finland – there are differences, for example, in trailer lengths, coupling models and many smaller details. In export sales, you have to know the market-specific needs and the reasons behind those needs,” he says.

A house full of experience and young enthusiasm

Even though there is a lot to learn, Mikko has had a good start thanks to the support he has gotten from his colleagues.

“We have a very supportive work community here – a perfect mix of veterans and new talents full of enthusiasm. There is a lot of in-house knowledge of different markets and special superstructure solutions,” Mikko states.

“During my job orientation I familiarized myself with the different market areas, and noticed that Alucar has a long history in, for example, the UK superstructure market, so there is plenty of experience,” he adds.

When Mikko is asked about his future expectations regarding his new job, he is quick to answer.

“I’m looking forward to arranging face-to-face meetings with customers and partners. It is one of the best parts of sales work.”