Local Alucar reseller became popular in Eastern Finland

The two-year partnership between Alucar and Naaran Kuljetushuolto Oy has made Alucar superstructures easily available to timber truck drivers in Eastern Finland. One of them is Kuljetusliike Esko Kosunen Ky. The company’s new truck is equipped with Alucar superstructures for the first time.

After many years of unofficial cooperation, the Pieksämäki-based family-owned company Naaran Kuljetushuolto Oy became one of Alucar’s resellers in 2020. The driving force behind the partnership is the shared desire to offer tailor-made trucks that exceed customer expectations.

Thanks to the partnership, Alucar products and their maintenance services are now easily available to timber truck drivers in Eastern Finland. Before the partnership, Naaran Kuljetushuolto installed Alucar bunks, but now entire superstructures are available. According to Jyrki Paunonen, owner of Naaran Kuljetushuolto, and Katri Paunonen, finance and human resources manager, the last two years have been quite hectic.

– There are a lot of timber truck drivers in this area, and we have already built multiple cars. The local companies are happy about this cooperation – it is much easier for them to buy Alucar products now that there is a maintenance service nearby. It is also easy to drop by and check out the products, and you don’t have to drive across Finland to pick up your finished truck.

Smooth cooperation

Kuljetusliike Esko Kosunen Ky is one of the companies that ordered its new timber truck from Naaran Kuljetushuolto after the partnership began. Owner Esko Kosunen says that the project went very smoothly.

Jyrki and Katri Paunonen hand Esko Kosunen the keys to his new timber truck.

– All parties understood each other and the truck was completed on schedule. During the planning phase, I was in contact with both Jyrki Paunonen and Alucar salesman Julius Närvä. Together we discussed the truck’s structure in detail, and Julius made the drawings based on my wishes. Then Naara built the truck. Everything came new except the crane that was moved from my previous truck.

Nowadays it is increasingly common to invest in the appearance of your own timber truck. Kosunen is no exception.

– My special wish was to install the side guards all the way down. This makes the truck look even cleaner, says Kosunen.

Locally built truck

This is the first time that Kosunen’s truck has Alucar superstructures.

– I have bought Alucar bunks before, for example, but not the whole superstructure. When I told Jyrki in the summer of 2021 that I need a new truck, he suggested we use Alucar’s superstructure. I took the opportunity.

Jyrki Paunonen and Esko Kosunen.

Kosunen is particularly pleased with the lightness, durability and clean appearance of Alucar products. However, he was hesitant to buy an entire superstructure before because of the long distance.

– It is quite a long way from Northern Savonia to Maxmo. It is nice to have your own truck built locally. Being able to take a look at the truck as it’s being built is also a perk – new ideas can come to mind and they can still be implemented. My company is based in Leppävirta, so it is easy for me to visit Naaran Kuljetushuolto.