Built by Alucar is the quality label of the world’s best logging truck

Built by Alucar

When we design and mount the superstructure at the Alucar factory in Maxmo or Rovaniemi, we attach a plate with the text “Built by Alucar” on the truck. It signifies that the best materials and most modern working and manufacturing methods have been applied in the design and assembly.

When Alucar finishes a new timber truck with its own superstructure, the truck always gets the “Built by Alucar” quality label.

The quality label guarantees that the timber truck is completely ready and that all components used in it are state-of-the-art as a result of lengthy product development.

Alucar’s quality label comes from first-class service and the best solutions on the market.

At Alucar’s factory, 100-150 trucks are built each year. The factory is located on the beautiful west coast of Ostrobothnia, in the small and enterprising village of Maxmo.

Complete planning and assembling of a logging truck

Alucar is the only operator in the timber transportation industry to provide a fully operational timber truck. We do all the necessary assembling and even carry out a registration check of the truck before handing it over to the customer. This means that the customer gets the perfect finished truck from us, without having to go to several workshops after installing the superstructure.

Hydraulic-, electrical- and crane installations as well as necessary cabling

Alucar’s ready-to-use reliable Built by Alucar timber truck services include:

  • Hydraulic installations
  • Electrical installations
  • Crane compatibility adjustment and crane installation
  • Crane control cabling
  • Worklight cabling

Dashboard switches

Alucar also implements switches on the truck’s dashboard, which improves the driver’s safety and facilitates timber loading. Dashboard switches allow you to adjust, for example:

  • oil cooler fan
  • speed controls
  • working lights for the crane
  • trailer work lights

Different types of warning systems have also become more common.

Innovative product development

Alucar has been developing its aluminum subframe, bunks and components for nearly 40 years. We also work closely and have great cooperation with truck factories, which sets the quality of every timber truck at the best it can possible be.

Alucar’s business concept and products are based on lightness combined with durability. This ensures that every timber truck leaving Maxmo is of the highest quality and better productivity for the timber haulier.

Product development together with our customers

When your truck is
Built by Alucar, it is built with Alucar’s professional touch.

Alucar’s product developers do not only work in front of the screen but also in the factory together with the assemblers and even out in the woods with our customers. Many of our innovations have been created and will continually be created in close cooperation with the best experts: the timber transporters themselves.

Therefore, all logging trucks with Alucar’s superstructure:

  • are convenient to use
  • work reliably
  • withstand the most harsh weather conditions
  • are easy to maintain
  • And of course, does always have the perfect finish

On the export market, the ‘Built by Alucar’ quality level is achieved with the Alucar Support Kit

Alucar Support Kit (ASK) means that both timber superstrucutre and installation support comes in one package. Each year, Alucar sends about 300 different installation level kits to our overseas authorized partners so customers all over the world can enjoy our timber truck solutions.

This is how Alucar timber trucks throughout the world match the quality of Built by Alucar. Installation is always carried out in a controlled manner according to standardized processes.

Ready timber trucks