Order the superstructure for your logging truck from Alucar

The 5 steps of buying a timber truck

When your truck arrives from the factory, with the preliminary preparations complete:

●      It has been customised to your wishes from the start
●      No compromises that may reduce quality are necessary at the superstructure building stage
●      Time and money are saved at the superstructure building stage

Welcome to use Alucar superstructures! Purchasing a logging truck is a huge and important investment, and your Alucar reseller is more than happy to help you with this process right from the start. Every truck is a custom-made product built to meet your exact needs.

The earlier you contact your reseller, the smoother the process of ordering the chassis and building it and the better the end result.

1. Take contact to Alucar already when planning to order the truck chassis

In this way you will be able to influence how the truck body is built and optimise several different solutions.

The timber truck buyer, the truck reseller and Alucar representative discuss the requirements for the new timber truck.

We can support in planning the order of the chassis. Even before the truck is ordered from the factory, we can discuss:

  • how complete you want your truck to be
  • and agree on the preparations to be made at the factory

2. Alucar designs a timber truck to meet your wishes and draws superstructure blueprints of it. You can use the drawing when ordering your chassis from the dealer.

Alucar draws the blueprint for the chassis ready for the preparations carried out by the truck factory.

Many choices relating to the superstructure influence the solutions required for the truck chassis. That is why our drawing of the superstructure is used when ordering the truck chassis. Based on the drawing, the truck factory can make the exact preparations for the chassis.

In the drawing, we enter specifications on the following for the truck factory:

  • load length
  • location of the drawbar and coupling
  • location of the fuel tank
  • correct locations of the air tanks
  • crane model and type

To make sure that all your choices concerning the superstructure and the solutions included in our truck chassis will match, please discuss also the following with us:

  • Alternatives for power take-off.
    When a truck is equipped with a hydraulic system, a power take-off is required for the gearbox and the pump is installed into the take-off. There are various alternatives for the power take-off, which depend on the crane chosen. When we know the type of crane selected, we can advise you on the optimal power take-off.
  • Crane and crane mounting.
    Please discuss with us the crane and crane mounting you have chosen, as they will also require different solutions for your truck.
  • Electrical provisions.
    The truck factory may provide your truck with various electrical facilities, and these are worth charting beforehand in order to reduce costand speed up bodybuilding procees time. These include, for example, connections for working lights and axle lift.
  • Trailer that can be connected to the truck.
    The trailer affects
    • the total dimensioning
    • the model and location of towing coupling
    • the installation of electrical connections.

After we have completed the drawings, the chassis can be ordered. You can be sure that all the details have been taken into account and that the solutions detailed will be a match with the superstructure.

When your truck has been ordered from the factory, Alucar continues to prepare your dimentional drawing for the manufacture and pre-mounting of the superstructure.

3. The manufacture of the truck chassis begins at the factory, and Alucar starts manufacturing parts in accordance with the dimensional drawings

The truck chassis building begins at the factory. At the same time, Alucar prepares the superstructure.

While the truck chassis is under construction at the factory, we start manufacturing the superstructure parts and components to be fitted on your truck. This ensures that all the superstructure parts are ready and waiting when your truck arrives from the factory.

4. The truck is equipped with the Alucar superstructure

The truck arrives from the factory, and the superstructure is installed in place according to the plan.

When the truck factory has completed its work on the truck chassis and it arrives at Alucar or the specified body builder, we build it into a timber truck according to the plan we made together. The superstructure installation schedule depends heavily on your detailes needs and advance preparations made prior chassis arrival.

With Alucar superstrucutre you are guaranteed to have fitted components on your truck chassis.

5. You are now the owner of the world’s best timber truck

Your new truck is ready for pick up.

Congratulations on your decision to use Alucar superstructure!

For you who are interested in seeing our factory in Maxmo, Finland, please contact your reseller and you are more than welcome to visit us.