The elite of logging trucks

Alucar is the world’s leading manufacturer of superstructures for logging trucks. We bring you efficiency and productivity for timber transporting with light combination!

Alucar offers light, durable and top-quality superstructures for timber trucks.

Alucar's superstructures increase the profitability of timber transportation and make working efficient. Our most important material is aluminum, our most important value is reliability.
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Let's build a Legend

When a timber truck is stamped with Built by Alucar, you know that great professional pride has gone into making it. The best quality standard in the world grows from first-class service and the best solutions on the market.

Built by Alucar - Timber Truck with quality

Superstructure Components

We build our logging trucks from state-of-the-art timber bunks and components. Alucar equipment puts the finishing touches to your truck’s style and withstands the most demanding weather and road conditions.

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Alucar’s products and subframes are the best on the market. The quality of their work is excellent, we need products like these.

Forestry Transport Maintenance, reseller, UK

Alucar takes customers’ wishes into account, and you can be sure that you will get what you want.

Kes-Trans Oy, Finland

Alucar does more than supply great logging trucks – they are also good at developing innovative solutions.

Scania Demo Centre, Sweden

I give Alucar my highest recommendation.

Bennesveds Åkeri, Sweden

The superstructures’ building process is very advanced at Alucar.

Kuljetus Raukola JT Oy, Finland

I would choose Alucar every day of the week – they always do everything they can to make the customer happy.

Lars Persson Åkeri, Sweden

Our customers have praised the reliability of Alucar’s products and the ease of installation.

Cargotec Japan, reseller

Alucar's staff are professional and easy to work with.

Metsä-Koskela Oy, Finland

Polish logging truck drivers value Alucar products for their high quality, functionality, and style.

Hydrog, reseller, Poland

Alucar’s subframes have been described as the Rolls Royce of logging transport equipment.

Palfinger UK, reseller, Scotland


When a passion for timber transport runs in the family

Kuljetus Laurikkala is a family business that has transported wood for four generations. The current entrepreneur, Olli-Matti, visited Alucar together with his father in 1996 to pick up his first timber truck. In the autumn of 2021, it was his turn to make the same trip with his own son Niko. The family business, trucks, Alucar and the whole industry has changed a lot during this time, but the shine of your first own truck never dims.When a passion for timber transport runs in the family

Customer service that goes above and beyond

Alucar’s salesperson Thomas Partanen lives and breathes customer projects. He is tirelessly looking for new solutions to make the timber trucks perfect for their owners. And the best part is that he loves his job. The most recent big project was a MAN truck that was delivered to Sweden. This timber truck included multiple special solutions from a front protection to a motif painting. Even if Alucar did not have something at hand, it did not slow Thomas down.Customer service that goes above and beyond

Icefighter - Sanding gear innovation

Light and durable sanfing gear. Aluminum and ja anodized surface treatment is strong and protective. Larger model of sanding gear only weights 33 kg with the brackets.

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Alucar is the world’s leading timber truck superstrucutre manufacturer and there are resellers around the world.  Alucar Support Kit is a quality guarantee for the mounting of superstructures around the globe. You can be sure that a newly-built logging truck from Alucar is top quality, wherever you are in the world.