Load divider

The Alucar load divider makes it easier to handle and turning the truck in tight spaces and to get started in difficult conditions. The load divider works with two air bellows and is mounted inside the car body. Our model also works on air-suspended chassis. Brand-specific installation kits make the installation quick. Single-beam kits are also available.

Load divider

The Alucar load divider is designed to improve starting performance in poor conditions and to shorten the turning radius. In tight turns, the divider reduces the tire wear and therefore saves costs. The load divider presses the first axle and lifts the second axle. It is intended for use only when driving empty and a maximum of 30 km / h for short periods.

Alucar has option for many trucks like Volvo, Scania, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Iveco and DAF.

The load divider can only be fitted on Volvo trucks with UABS or BSYS-CON breaking systems and 4-channel ABS-systems.



Precise laser-cut parts are measured and thus fit exactly to the chosen truck model.


The Alucar load divider is fully air-operated and we use Wabco pneumatic parts and large pneumatic tubes. When using two air bellows at the same time, we achieve a fast and powerful bogie lift. The driving axle is pushed down and the rear axle lifted up.

The load dividers are mounted with bolted joints and welding installation are kept to a minimum, thus reducing the risk of air leakage.


The Alucar load divider is practical and its structure is not in the way of superstructures.

The side benefit of using a load divider is that it saves the truck’s tires and it gives a higher resales value

We provide easy installation and operating instructions with the products.

The load divider in use

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