Our headboard is a safe protection to prevent any timberload from causing damage. Also suitable for semi-trailers. Tested according to standards.

We use two different strengths of panels, which are ST and HD panels made of anodized aluminium. There are also many options of various accessories to add to your headboard!

Headboard also goes under the name frontwall.

Headboard with perforated panels

In addition to the standard headboard, we can add the desired amount of wind deflector panels as well as window panels for the rear window of the cabin.

Headboard weight 180-200 kg depending on the height
Headboard height Suitable for your truck
Headboard width Standard 2500 mm
Headboard thickness 40 mm
Headboard fastening Alucar's fixings inside our outside of the subframe

Headboard with LED-lights

Optional lights can be added to the headboard. The most common is the LED lights at the top panel.

It is also useful to attach worklights to the headboard.

Headboard with grapple support

Full loads leave less space for the crane grapple, so an option is to add a grapple rack to the headboard.

It is also possible to build a place for the grapple on top of the cabin, either with structural solutions or with a removable grapple support.


Strong anodized aluminum panel. The ST headboard is suitable for terminal trucks or trailers. The HD headboard is suitable for the most demanding conditions and for crane trucks.


The headboard consists of interconnected panels, so it protects against direct smashes. At the same time we have the right sized headboard with additional options equipped for the intended purpose.


The headboard takes up very little space and therefore you safely get the maximum load length.