Alucar’s success is built on aluminium and innovation

Alucar is the world’s leading manufacturer of superstructures for logging trucks. We are based in Maxmo on the west coast of Finland. Alucar develops innovative solutions for timber transport, and the company is known all over the world as the trailblazer in its field.

Our most important values are reliability and the top quality of our products. We never compromise on these and work towards them with stubborn determination.

Alucar belongs to international company group Extendo Ab, as an independent subsidiary and we have our own products and product development.

We focus on the practicality of our components and constant product development

In order to ensure light weight, durability and ease of maintenance, we mainly use aluminium components which are fixed using through-bolt fixings.

Up to 3 % of Alucar’s turnover is invested in product development. The most important goal of our transport equipment is to make timber transport as profitable and efficient as possible and the work of the logging truck driver as easy and smooth as possible. In addition, Alucar’s superstructures are known for their style and attractive, well-finished look.

We export up to 70% of our production

Alucar works in close cooperation with truck factories and dealers around the world. We have created unique service concepts for the Finnish and export markets. The logging trucks we build for the Finnish market are always Built by Alucar, and we achieve the same standard of quality on the export market with the Alucar Support Kit concept used by our partner bodybuilders.

Alucar Oy

Established in 1984
– Owned by international company group Extendo Ab
– Produces 5,000 timber bunks a year
– Manufactures 350 subframe packages a year
– 2021 turnover MEUR 11
– Employees 65
– Number of countries exported to 30
– Export ratio 70%

How Alucar grew into a global market leader

The 1980s

Alucar was founded in Maxmo in 1984. The basis of its unique business idea were lightweight aluminium superstructures for logging trucks.

The 1990s

Alucar mostly served the domestic market until the 1990s when we began to systematically develop our export trade.

The 2000s

In the 2000s, Alucar’s exports already exceeded 50% of its turnover when the Baltic countries and Russia became a significant market.

The 2010s

In the 2010s, the majority – more than 70% – of Alucar’s production was exported, with dealers all over the world. The company has also developed service concepts that allow us to serve our customers with equally high quality wherever they are in the world.

The 2020s

In the 2020s business activities and organization have expanded. Customer service channels have been strengthened and Alucard offers even more complete solutions as cranes can be mounted and sold together with the truck bodybuilding.

Cooperation with truck factories will grow even closer

Throughout our history, we have collaborated closely with truck manufacturers and plan to work together even more closely in the future. Together, we are developing new sales concepts for logging trucks. Truck manufacturers are dreaming about key ready truck building, which would allow them to send logging trucks to customers complete with ready-made superstructures. Alucar will act as the supplier of superstructures in this configuration. The concept is still in the making, but when complete, it will offer a new, convenient alternative on the market. 

Alucar’s own custom-made Built by Alucar truck bodybuilding will continue unchanged and will serve as an important service also in the future. One thing is sure as the world, the industry and the market change, however: we want to remain in the forefront, developing new alternatives alongside old ones and serving our customers better and more broadly than ever.