Alucar Support Kit (ASK)

Timber superstructure and assembly support in one package

ASK is an abbreviation for Alucar Support Kit and is a developed concept for the logging trucks that are built by our representatives around the world. ASK is delivered to our partners and bodybuilders that they can build a logging truck of the same quality as those built by us in Maxmo.

ASK ensures our high quality and enables more efficient assembly through well-planned drawings, pre-assembled parts and support through the final assembly process. The installation will be performed under supervision and according to standardized processes.

Every year we deliver about 300 different superstructure kits to our representatives around the world and the superstructure is mounted according to our drawings so they achieve the same high quality as Built by Alucar timber trucks.

Hydraulics-, electrics- and necessary cabling ready planned

In order to have a functioning and reliable timber truck it is best to plan the whole combination at one place. With ASK we can in detail plan in advance and deliver all hydraulics, electrics and necessary cablings. Our expertise in this sort of planning brings an advantage to all parties involved in the process.

Innovative product development

Alucar has been developing its aluminum subframe, bunks and components for nearly 40 years. We also work closely and have great cooperation with truck factories, which sets the quality of every timber truck at the best it can possible be.

Around the world, in each market, the timber trucks have specific needs and we work together with our reliable partners across the world to listen and serve the specific market needs.

Alucar’s business concept and products are based on lightness combined with durability. This ensures that every timber superstructure from Alucar is of the highest quality and enables better productivity for the timber haulier.

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