Smaller tare weight – larger payload

“When a load is driven for more than 60 kilometres, the benefits of the light weight amount to more than a thousand euros a month”

Fuel costs, wages with add-on costs, servicing costs, vehicle tax – a logging truck business owner has many different kinds of expenses that are easy to tally up and calculate the total. In comparison, calculating total income is considerably more difficult, and that is why it is often speculation rather than fact, although knowing your income is just as important as knowing your expenses.
“People who have long been in the timber transport business already know that Alucar’s light superstructures improve profitability. But a common misconception is that the benefits they bring amount to a small sum. Especially when driving long distances, the advantages offered by lighter superstructures mean a considerable amount of money,” says Alucar’s Export Manager Joakim Eriksson.

This is an example of how the income increases during six years due to lighter weight:

Lighter superstructures mean a big amount of money

Most people find it surprising that the effect of weight on total costs is in some cases equal to the effect of fuel, which is one of the largest expense items for a logging transport business.

“I always begin my meetings with customers by asking them how many kilometres their truck accumulates per year. This lets me know which is more important to the customer: maximum load size or the number of transport gigs. When a load is driven for more than 60 kilometres, the benefits of the light weight amount to more than a thousand euros a month,” Eriksson calculates.

A lighter vehicle may increase profits considerably:

Calculate the benefits of a lighter logging truck

The benefit of a light superstructure can be determined by calculating the value of each kilometre driven during a year. When calculating the true benefits of a lighter logging truck, you need to know the following parameters: annual kilometres driven, number of loads per year and the average number of kilometres driven per load. With Alucar’s online calculator you can check, how much more income you will generate with a lighter logging truck:



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