Crane brackets

Alucar’s product range includes a number of different versions of crane brackets for different purposes. The most commonly used solutions are detachable crane console, fixed crane bracket and CTO. All crane brackets versions are available for different crane and truck brands.

Fixed crane bracket

The fixed crane bracket is completely dense and a lightweight solution for short driving distances. There are different models of fixed crane brackets for a variety of different purposes.

Standard model weight 153 kg
Standard model height 65 mm above the subframe
Raised model weight 210 kg
Raised model height 160 mm above the subframe
Reinforced model weight 223 kg
Reinforced model height same height as subframe

Detachable crane console, crane socket inside chassis

The detachable crane console, with crane socket inside chassis has become a common solution. It enables extra space, hence it helps fitting other products to the chassis.

The crane can be completely detached from the truck and will therefore provide additional payload for you.

Weight Starting from 730kg, depending on the equipment

Detachable crane console, crane socket outside chassis

The detachable crane console, with crane socket outside chassis is our detachable crane console solution that has been used for the longest of time and remains our best selling model.

The crane can be completely detached from the truck and will therefore provide additional payload for you. During loading, the console can be moved 700mm out from the truck to facilitate loading of the truck and the trailer.

It is possible to get mechanical or hydraulic socket tighteners that ensures steady loading. The assembly set includes cylinder and socket.

Weight Starting from 550 kg, depending on equipment


Alucar’s innovation, the CTO-crane console, Crane Take Off, is attached to the truck with hydraulic tightening which makes it easy to detach and attach. The CTO combines the best features of a detachable crane console and a fixed crane bracket.

The CTO have four conical pins which are pressed into place by the hydraulic cylinders. This new mounting method the typical challenges of a detachable crane console.

The hydraulic tightening is a quick and easy way to detach the crane from the truck: the crane is detached from the truck by hydraulically removing the wedges from the cones, lifting the crane up on its support legs and then disconnect from the truck to enable it to drive away.

The CTO differs from other detachable crane consoles on the market due to its practicality. It is designed to be as simple as possible to keep it light, inexpensive and durable.

Weight - truck part 180 kg
Weight - crane part 150 kg

Crane console features


Alucar has secure kits for connecting the crane console and crane hydraulics.

The detachable crane console and CTO are CE-certified to ensure the quality of the technology.


The Alucar crane brackets are designed for a variety of purposes and have a direct attachment to many different crane models. Contact us and we’ll get your crane to fit the console of your choice.

Detachable crane console

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