Alucar’s quality factors

The high quality of Alucar timber superstructure is gained by right material and best working solutions for the timber transportation. The expertise of timber transporting combined with reliable service make sure that all timber trucks from Alucar are productive and maintenance is easy. We have gathered here the most important quality factors for Alucar

Materials and solutions:

  • Aluminum
  • Bolted connections
  • Hydraulic solutions

Excellent service and expertise:

  • Product development
  • Electrical expertise
  • Spare part service


The aluminum superstructure increases the productivity of the truck and improves the driving conditions

Aluminum is the most important rawmaterial and the core of the complete company portfolio. We use aluminum becaue it is the most reliable and efficient metal for timber transport truck.

The bunks and components of Alucar are produced by extruding the aluminum in the requested form. Thanks to well-planned profiles the whole subframe is being flexible on top of the truck chassis. Additionally, when we plan the truck to carry the timber load in the right manner, the truck can perform according to it’s best driving conditions.

The expertise of Alucar within the aluminum has been developing over the past 30 years to the top of the field. We bend the aluminum subframe always according to the truck chassis and we plan the fixation according to the truck manufaturer instructions.

The most important benefits of aluminum in timber transporting:


Aluminum is very light material, as it only weights the third compared to the weight of steel. Light timber truck brings the timber truck operator more income as the truck’s unladen weight is lighter and can carry more payload. When for example the steel bunks are changed into aluminum bunks, the total combination of truck and trailer can even be 300 kg lighter. Use our calculator to measure how much more income a lighter timber truck brings to you.


The aluminum Alucar is using is of the same version that is used in airoplanes to serve in the rough and demanding conditions of timber transportation. The tensile strenght of aluminum and its yiels strenght, that means the load capacity are high. With Alucar’s expertice engineering the strenght of aluminumprofiles can be optimised even further.


All alminum profiles Alucar is using are anodized. That resolves hard and resistant surface for mechanical wear, where corrosion cannot effect to. Because of this surface treatment, the aluminum does not need to be painted, but only washed. The surface remains sharp as new and it is easy to be kept clean.


Bolted connections bring sustainability and makes the service easy.

Alucar always makes the connections of the subframe with bolted joints, because they are proved to be the most durable solution in rough conditions.

Especially with timber trucks the pressure points and the point strains are hard. Additioanlly the rough conditions, constant shaking and movement of the parts makes the pressure even harder. For thsi reason Alucar uses only bolted connections. They are proven to be the best connections whereas welded joints are always the weakest point of connections.

With the bolted connections the spare part change is very easy. For example damaged bunk or stake can be detached easily and a new part can be bolted right away as a replacement.

Additionally the aluminumprofiles can be connected togehter with smart mechanism for example the Alucar headboard is assembled by sliding the profiles togehter.


We make innovations togehter with the timber transporters

Our most important duty is to make the timber transporting the most profitable and efficient as it can possibly be and take the working environment also in condition.

At Alucar we always target to high quality in everything we do and we constantly develop our products. We follow the development in the fields of timebr transporting and truck manufacturers and act based on them and our expertise.

Our product development engineers are in tight co-operation with the timber truck drivers. We know the demands of the fiels and constanly improve our service and products. Throughout the years we have developed many innovations such as:

●      CTO-crane console
●      Hydraulic bunk moving mechanism
●      Icefighter-sanding gear

We develop and test our products togehter with the experts that are the timber truck drivers. Therefore, the product development is not just office work, but we also are in the forest with the drivers. We make research and development togehter to find the best tools for timber trasnport.


Alucar brings intelligence to the timber truck with electrical expertise

When all electrical connections can be made at the same bodybuilder you save money, time and trouble.

Alucar is the only timber truck bodybuilder to make all the electrical wiring complete. That menas the customer gets a ready truck from us and they do not need to visit other points of service.

Alucar takes advantage the CAN-bus-technique with the benfit of less amount of cables and possibility for intelligent solutions.

Almost at every timber truck the electrical connectiosn are made with working lights and crane mechanism. Additionally, Alucar can offer many other clever solutions that increases safety and easiness of the work. Alucar follows the continious developments of electrical solutions in the field and with the truck manufacturers.


We can serve all through the truck’s lifetime

Alucar’s spare part service can deliver the parts quickly around the world.

Alucar is in service also after the purchase of the timber truck for example by quick and functioning spare part service. At Alucar and with our reselelrs we have on stock multiple spare parts and we can track easily the needed components to your specific truck. Take contact to your reseller in the specific country first.


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