Moving timber bunks hydraulically helps to create a correct load and eases the allocation of the centre of gravity

Moving the timber bunks hydraulically was originally a product development idea received from a customer, and now Alucar is launching such a system on the market. This new accessory will make the log loading job considerably easier, when it is necessary to move the timber bunks to achieve a better centre of gravity.

Moving the bunks is particularly important when the loaded logs are of different lengths.
“Longer sawn logs make one bundle and shorter logs make two. When the length of timber changes, the second and fourth timber bunks have to be moved,” Finne advises.

Traditionally, the driver has to move the bunks using their crane when the cargo space is still empty. But because this is laborious, drivers sometimes neglect to do it.
“This is when the load may be illegal or the axle load may be exceeded, which worsens the truck’s safety and handling characteristics significantly.”

Alucar’s hydraulic method for moving timber bunks allows the bunks to be moved quickly and handily using the truck’s hydraulics. The dashboard of a truck with air suspension shows the axle loads. The system will simplify the moving of timber bunks and setting axle loads correctly.
“Our hydraulic method for moving timber bunks helps drivers to load the bunks evenly, which also ensures that the whole load’s centre of gravity is in the right place. The system makes the timber loader’s job easier and ensures a better loading result.”