Icefighter – sanding gear

The Alucar Icefighter sanding gear is an innovation that can be fitted to any vehicle. The sanding gear is delivered as a complete set with soft-start motor control, so only the brand-specific circuit breaker has to be added separately. Aluminum as a material guarantees a lightweight sanding gear.

Possibility to choose between two models. The 55-liter model also fits between the bogie.

Icefighter 55L

The smaller model of the sanding gear also fits in between the bogie.

Capacity 55 liter
Width 371 mm
Height 569 mm
Weight without brackets 22,5 kg
Total weight 32,5 kg

Icefighter 90 L

The standard model is 90 liters and of use for everyone.

Capacity 90 liter
Width 371 mm
Height 694 mm
Weight without brackets 25 kg
Total weight 35 kg


The design makes it suitable for both sides and the brackets are universal for different vehicles. Clean and sleek appearance in 3mm anodized aluminum.


We deliver the complete installation kit with soft start motor control with the sanding gear, all you need is a brand-specific circuit breaker separately.

The Icefighter sanding gear has a heating element in the middle of the sand, which ensures safe operation in changing winter conditions.


Easy to install on all vehicles. Easy and safe to handle. Icefighter is carefree to use. The recommended crush size is 4-8 mm.

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