Dealers join in with ASK activities

Quality above all

Norway is the natural direction to expand the ASK concept, which was launched in Sweden

The ASK concept was originally launched in Sweden, and now that this service has proven effective, Alucar wants to take it to other countries too. Recently, Alucar has worked a great deal with its Norwegian dealer, Bevola.
“ASK has not yet fully been adopted in Norway, but there is a lot of interest in it. We are currently building the expertise necessary for finding the best ASK model for our market together with Alucar,” says Bevola’s Sales Manager Freddy Hansen.

A/S Bevola

  • Established in 1995
  • Alucarin customer since 1996
  • Employees: 22
  • Location: Larvik, Norja

Norway is famous for its challenging mountain roads where the excellent qualities of a logging truck’s superstructure will really pay for itself. According to Hansen, Norwegian customers value quality and a custom-made system more and more, which is increasing interest in Alucar products.
“Effective products make our sales work easy. Alucar supplies innovative and high-quality superstructures that retain their price-quality ratio regardless of the individual solutions created. The light weight and flexibility of the frame simplify driving and bring drivers both practical and economic benefits,” Hansen explains.

Hansen reveals that the cooperation between Bevola and Alucar is very good, which encourages both parties to continue their joint development project.
“We want to further expand our range of Alucar products, but before that we intend to increase our skills with the products we currently offer. ASK is a great help in this too, because we are learning a lot performing the installations,” Hansen says.

Individual solutions, please

Thanks to ASK, customers abroad can also be offered unique, high-quality solutions

The French Carosserie Cornu SAS and Alucar share the same strengths: a broad product portfolio and hydraulics expertise. No wonder then that their cooperation works so well.

“Efficient customer service is very valuable to us, and high-quality products make Alucar the best possible partner for us.”
Eric Le Bossé ja Gilles Lemarchand.

The companies have been working together for 25 years and in this time their collaboration has extended from the exports of certain components, such as headboards and timber bunks, to the resale of Alucar’s entire product range.
“As the group of satisfied customers has grown, we have been able to increase the number of Alucar products we sell year by year. In the last few years, cooperation between Maxmo and our home town Sées has become even closer,” says Sales Manager Eric Le Bossé from Cornu SAS.

The French are already familiar with ASK because similar activities have been carried out throughout the collaboration. Now that Alucar is becoming better known on the French market, plans are being made to further extend installation activities.
“The local technical help available via ASK is important for servicing and installing the equipment, because it ensures that we can guarantee our customers tailor-made structures that meet their needs.

Carrosserie Cornu

  • Established in 1920
  • Alucar customer since 1993
  • Employees: 25
  • Location: Sées, Ranska

This way, our customers don’t have to settle for bulk solutions,” says Cornu SAS’s CEO Gilles Lemarchand.
“Alucar’s efficient customer service is very valuable to us, and their high-quality products make this Finnish company the best possible partner for us, both now and in the future,” Eric Le Bossé adds.