Alucar Suomen kartalla.

Alucar opens a new workshop in Northern Finland

Alucar will reach a significant milestone this autumn, when the company’s northernmost workshop opens its doors in Rovaniemi, Finland. It brings Alucar’s installation and maintenance services closer to the timber transport companies on and near the Arctic Circle.

Alucar’s steady growth has led to the opening of a new workshop in Rovaniemi, which is known both as the Capital of Finnish Lapland and as the hometown of Santa Claus. Although the superstructures will still be designed and built in Maxmo, the new location offers installation and maintenance services for timber trucks’ superstructures and cranes. 

Durable equipment for northern conditions

The new workshop gives Alucar an opportunity to provide even better service for the company’s customers in the north.

“Alucar has multiple long-term and strong customer relationships in Northern Finland, where the distances are long and driving conditions can get quite harsh. Consequently, there is a lot of demand for our products that are known for their durability, lightness, and ability to withstand extreme conditions,” says Anssi Alasaari, Alucar’s Managing Director.

“Opening a workshop in Rovaniemi is an important step in developing our customer service. It also gives us new opportunities for growth in the north,” he adds.

Shorter delivery times

In addition to bringing services closer to customers, the Rovaniemi location strengthens Alucar’s delivery capabilities and shortens the delivery times of timber trucks.

“The worldwide component shortage has also affected our industry, and deliveries have been delayed. Adding more installation capacity helps us fix the situation and enhance customer satisfaction,” Alasaari says.

The employees of Alucar’s factory in Maxmo will provide extensive support for the new location and its installation team. This way the high quality of Alucar products can be guaranteed in the future as well.