Ice chain holder

Ice chain holder from Alucar are suitable for everyone that operate in winter conditions.

Ice chain holder, with hinge

With hinges, the ice chain holder becomes a flexible solution.

Total weight 6,7 kg
Total length 677 mm

Ice chain holder, U-model

As the name implies, the U-model is shaped to fit the ice chain.

Total weight 5,6 kg
Total length 630 mm

Ice chain holder, slim model

A thinner model of an ice chain holder that fits into smaller spaces and weigh less. Durability doesn’t mean it needs to weigh more.

Total weight 3 kg
Total length 663 mm

Ice chain holder, mountable on tank shield

For ice chain holders attached to the tank shield it is preferable to have a few. The mudflap is mounted for protection.

Total weight 1 kg

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