A partner is like a family member

“I’ve always been treated like a member of the Alucar family,” says James Stronach.

James Stronach is the Product Manager of timber transport sales at Outreach Ltd., a company that imports and sells Alucar timber bunks and superstructures in Scotland, England and Wales. He describes his more than 30 years of collaboration with Alucar with affection.

“I’ve always been treated like a member of the Alucar family. Our cooperation has always worked well right from the start, but over the years we have learned from each other and learned to understand each other more and more.”

Many of Stronach’s customers are also users of Alucar products and go back many years. Stronach has found that their customers’ excellent experiences with the company make them choose Alucar products over and over again.

“Our customers know that the cheapest option is seldom the best. New companies enter the market all the time and, of course, our products are compared with those of our competitors. But their earlier satisfying experiences and my repeated assurances of Alucar’s high quality often tip the scales in our favour.”

Stronach’s customers include both small businesses and logging transport giants with up to 25–28 trucks. In his opinion, Alucar’s success rests on the fact that it can offer individual solutions to meet each customer’s needs. The challenges customers face include the need to continually improve the efficiency of their operations and to maintain the competitiveness of their transport equipment. That is why Stronach is so satisfied and impressed with Alucar’s strong commitment to product development. He explains that continuous technical development and design improvements are highly valued in Britain.

Outreach Ltd.
• Supplier and importer of Alucar timber transport products in the UK since 1987.
• Offers a complete package to U.K. timber haulage customers by supplying Alucar products and Palfinger / Epsilon range of hydraulic handling, lifting and access equipment for several different industry sectors.
• Head office in Falkirk in the Central Lowlands of Scotland.

“Alucar products are top of the range and I’ve heard their sub-frames, for example, described as the Rolls Royce of logging transport equipment.”

Over the decades, Stronach has witnessed the sector’s ups and downs. The current situation in the U.K. is looking good. Increased timber harvesting has also boosted the demand for logging transport equipment. The growth of new industries, such as biomass production, also create positive expectations for the future.

“Over the last 3 to 5 years, our sales figures have been great and the future looks extremely promising.”