Alucar’s giant project – 38 logging trucks to Russia

Completed and delivered to ULK Group at the end of 2017, this project was tricky right from the start due not only to its massive size, but also to its extremely tight schedule. The project involved installing Alucar superstructures onto the customer’s Volvo logging trucks, as well as a detachable crane platform, a Loglift crane and a JYKI extendable trailer. In addition to that, when exporting to Russia, projects often run up against extra complications due to export legislation.

What is ASK?

  • An abbreviation for Alucar Support Kit
  • Applies to exported products
  • Involves selling the products and installation support as one package
  • Alucar supervises the installation to maintain high quality

This time, however, thanks to thorough advance planning and Alucar’s ASK concept, the project proceeded without complications.
“In projects where we apply the ASK concept, the products are installed according to Alucar’s instructions and quality standards to ensure efficiency. The concept is used particularly when installing products to be exported,” says Alucar’s Managing Director Anssi Alasaari.

As always, the ASK concept proved indispensable, because the clear instructions created precisely for installed products meant that the installation work proceeded quickly and without a hitch. Alasaari emphasises that the planning work done long before the installation stage is the crucial factor that guarantees a successful project. Starting in October, Alucar and Jyfa worked in close cooperation at Alucar’s factories, and the phone lines and Skype connections between them were in constant use throughout the project. Good communications were vital, because precision was essential in planning the installation and every single detail had to be considered in preparation for fitting the superstructures to the chassis. The hard work paid off: the thorough advance planning and prefabrication simplified the installation in situ and ensured that the tight schedule was maintained.

“It was clear to us right from the start that we would make advance preparations for the installation at the Alucar factory as far as possible. From the customer’s point of view it’s not enough that individual operations work; the whole system has to be efficient. As with previous projects, this one also required us to see the whole picture and take every product to be installed into account. Information has to flow fluently between the customer, truck manufacturer, dealer and superstructure manufacturer,” Alasaari says.


  • Established in: 2005
  • Authorized Alucar bodybuilder since: 2008
  • Employees: 30
  • Located in St. Petersburg

Sales Manager Viktor Antonov from Jyfa explains that the buyer, ULK Group, is a long-term customer of Jyfa’s and an old acquaintance of Alucar too. According to Antonov, a long customer relationship is highly beneficial in projects like this, because it makes dealing with each other easy and comfortable and the supplier already knows many important details relating to the customer’s needs.
“Continuous communication and a good relationship make projects with a very tight schedule possible. Customers appreciate our short lead times and great price-quality ratio, but without good relations in every direction we couldn’t offer such competitive solutions.”

Antonov points out that this recently completed project displays all the best elements of Jyfa and Alucar’s cooperation.
“Alucar acquainted themselves with the customer’s needs thoroughly and checked all the products and designs relating to the installations many times over before the delivery,” he praises.
It was particularly important to deliver the whole consignment in one go because Russia’s stringent customs regulations make postdelivery difficult.