Alucar’s new service hall improves working capacity and enables additional services

There’s a bustle of activity in Alucar’s new service hall, with an oil change going on at one end, while at the same time another articulated timber truck is being washed at the other. The truck being washed belongs to the brothers behind Eks Åkeri, who have been loyal customers of Alucar for more than 30 years. This is the first time Johan Ek is having his truck serviced in the new hall and he is impressed with what he sees.
“This new facility will undoubtedly shorten waiting times for servicing. Of course, the service here is excellent anyway and Alucar is making huge strides in product development all the time,” Ek says.

New installation points shorten waiting times for servicing

In addition to the production facilities put into operation in February 2018, Alucar has six installation points. These new installation points enable more efficient work than ever, because now trucks no longer need to be moved in the middle of installation when something urgent comes along, as they did before, which saves on extra stoppages.
“The new hall improves our working capacity considerably. We don’t have to move trucks out of the way anymore, because we have enough space for both servicing and retrofitting at the same time,” says Installation Supervisor Thomas Wester.

Hydraulic hose crimping machine makes repairs of hydraulic hoses faster and more effective than ever

The fully equipped production hall offers facilities for all kinds of servicing from oil changes to different kinds of accident repairs.
“For example, the breaking of the hydraulic hose is a very common fault and when this happens it’s extremely important to repair it immediately so that the downtime in timber haulage is as short as possible,” Wester explains. He continues, saying that Alucar now has a new tool, a hydraulic hose crimping machine, which makes repairs of hydraulic hoses faster and more effective than ever.

The hall is equipped with wash equipment suitable for articulated trucks

The investment made in the new extension improves the quality of servicing even more. The hall is equipped with wash equipment suitable for articulated trucks and this is used for cleaning a new chassis before installation. All articulated timber trucks coming for service are also washed and cleaned carefully to avoid dirt and grime getting into the hydraulic system.

According to Production Manager Patrick Lindh, who was in charge of the building of the extension, the hall is a demonstration of the great speed of Alucar’s development.
“Servicing and product development go hand in hand, because service operations provide useful information for R&D,” Lindh says. He explains that building the hall is a part of a larger development project whose aim is to strengthen Alucar’s product development and know-how within its field.

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