Eagle timber bunks come with detachable stakes

Please tell us about your company.

At Metsä-Koskela, we harvest timber and transport raw wood by truck and have done for two generations. We currently have two trucks transporting timber and five employees.

I started as a forestry machine driver and then moved on to logging transport. I’ve watched my father transport timber since I was a child and tagged along with him, so I’m used to working with large equipment. Now we will have the third generation joining in after my son has finished his conscription.

Why did you choose Eagle timber bunks?

We have had the Alucar Eagle steel timber bunks in use for just under a year now and I’ve been more than satisfied with them. Steel bunks are a little less expensive than aluminium ones and they have an excellent price-quality ratio. But what’s most important for us is the capacity ­­– we always want to be able to load the maximum amount which is 76 tonnes of timber, and that’s possible with Eagle bunks. Also, the Eagle bunks are easy to install and can be adjusted according to need.

Why do you order your timber bunks from Alucar?

We’ve come a long way with Alucar – 20 years now. We previously used ALU timber bunks. Because they always performed outstandingly and we knew Alucar was a trustworthy supplier in every way, we took the plunge and tried their steel bunks. What’s more, Alucar’s professional staff are easy to work with too. It’s not for nothing that they’re Finland’s largest and most successful operator in this sector – you only have to look at their work to know it’s top quality.