Presenting the sales team

“It’s my job to support the sales team.” Managing Director Anssi Alasaari

The investments in exports and human resources are important, due especially to Alucar’s growth and expansion abroad. In order to guarantee high-quality service in Finland and abroad, the company needs skilful employees to take care of customer accounts.
“Customer contacts differ from each other in Finland and abroad and that’s why we need sales personnel with different specialisations.

“In addition to customers in Finland, I’m in charge of Norway.” Domestic Sales, Marcus Peth

While in Finland we are directly in contact with our end customers, we mainly deal with retail dealers abroad. Even though our sales team has gained new members, we haven’t separated into domestic and foreign teams, but instead we all work together,” says Marcus Peth who is in charge of domestic sales and Norway.

Alucar’s customer service gets even better, thanks to the bigger sales team

“In addition to traditional sales work and domestic customers, my job includes a great deal of planning and project management.” Domestic Sales, Julius Närvä

Larger and more coherent than before, the team allows Alucar to research and investigate the market situation and to sink their teeth into customers’ questions more actively than ever.

“The work of the sales team used to consist mainly of supplying the goods, and the lack of resources meant that we weren’t able to carry out our customers’ tailored wishes as well as we now can. Now that there are more of us, we are better equipped to take care of customer relationships, and our ASK activities (Alucar Support Kit) guarantee that we can also ensure our customers the highest Alucar quality. Nowadays we can also supply more complete deliveries instead of mere components,” says Virpi Hattula who is in charge of European sales.

“I’m in charge of sales in Sweden and the Baltic. I also sell parts in Finland.” Export Sales Manager Thomas Partanen

Because every customer is different and has unique needs for their truck, the sales team’s work largely consists of problem solving and planning. Each member of the sales team has their own strengths and the group includes both engineers specialising in technology, and communications and marketing specialists who complement each other perfectly.
“Our goal is to always find the best solutions possible for the customer. We have great team spirit and we consider problems and ways to improve things together. Maintaining customer relationships is close to all our hearts and that’s why we work hard to serve our customers the best way we can, even outside office hours if needed,” smiles Julius Närvä from domestic sales.

“I mainly focus on developing logistics, and support the rest of the team in their work in various ways.” Export Assistant, Mikaela Holm

“I take care of customer accounts in Europe and countries farther away, as well as marketing.” Export Sales Manager, Virpi Hattula

“I work with Alucar’s export strategies and brand development.” Export Manager, Joakim Eriksson