Hydrog is a groundbreaker for Alucar products in the Polish market

ROGALEWSKI is the managing director of his family business Hydrog. As an Alucar representative, he wants to introduce hard-core quality to logging truck drivers in his country. After receiving an invitation to the company’s 35th anniversary party, he decided to travel to Finland for the first time in his life and take his family along.
“It’s been fantastic! I’m very impressed with Alucar’s party arrangements. From here, my family and I will travel north, up to Rovaniemi to meet Santa Claus,” Rogalewski explains cheerfully.

Rogalewski’s father founded Hydrog in 1990 and first built superstructures for logging trucks himself, but in time the company decided to expand its offering.
“We wanted to offer something you can’t find anywhere else in Poland. We started our collaboration with Alucar in 2013,” Rogalewski says. Thanks to Hydrog and Rogalewski’s hard work, Alucar’s foothold in Poland has grown year by year. Of course, whenever a new product is launched, there are some people with misgivings.
“Investing in high quality products requires good arguments,” Rogalewski admits. However, when a customer finally chooses Alucar, they often call afterwards to say that it was the right decision. For their next logging truck, they demand an Alucar superstructure right from the start.

According to Rogalewski, Polish logging truck drivers particularly value Alucar products for their high quality, functionality and style. The reseller himself takes pleasure in the excellent cooperation between Maxmo and Poland.
“If I have any questions Alucar always serves me swiftly. Our collaboration is smooth and enjoyable, and I hope it will continue along the same lines in the future.