A load tightener built into the bunk simplifies the timber truck driver’s work

The advantages of a load tightener built into the bunk:

+ When moving the bunks and bundled loads, the integrated
tightener travels along and is
always where you need it
Protects the tightener mechanism from external damage
Easy maintenance
Enables more space in the body of the truck

Alucar’s newest innovation is a load tightener built into the bunk. The tightener can currently be integrated with the bunk frame of the Eagle 95T bunk. When the load tightener is inside the bunk, it is always where the driver wants it.

Because the bunks have to be moved depending on their length, it is more than handy that the tightener moves with the bunk. As well as saving space and making the work easier, integrating the tightener inside the cover of the bunk reduces the risk of damage to the mechanism and improves its durability.

The audience was fascinated by Alucar’s inbuilt load tightener at the Transport-Logistics trade fair. Alucar salesman Julius Närvä presenting the product’s mechanics.

The integrated load tightener also facilitates Alucar’s building of the timber trucks, as there is very little room these days on the truck chassis, especially one with 4 axles, and setting and correctly positioning the tightener is challenging.

The tightener is integrated into the timber bunk, which has a detachable stake. Alucar has protected this structure and there are successful customer experiences with it. The tightener will later be adapted also for aluminium bunks.