In 2019, Alucar launched a load tightener that is built into the bunk. The tightener can currently be integrated with the bunk frame of the Eagle 95T bunk. Logging truck drivers who have tested it for a year are extremely satisfied with this new product. When the load tightener is integral with the bunk, it is always where the driver wants it.

“The best thing about the built-in load tightener is its ease and security of use. It eliminates the need for a lot of extra hassle.”

-Ossi Sivula, A.J. Lamminsivu Oy

A.J. Lamminsivu Oy has four logging truck-trailer combinations hauling timber in the Kuru region in Finland. One of them has had Alucar Eagle 95T bunks with built-in load tighteners for the last year. The ease of this new way of securing a load was the reason one of the successors of this family business, Ossi Sivula, was originally attracted to it. After testing it for a year, Sivula is extremely satisfied with Alucar’s new product.

“The best thing about it is its ease and security of use. This in-built system for securing a load eliminates the need for a lot of unnecessary hassle and work. You pull the lever and that’s that,” he says happily.

Another thing about the load tightener that appeals to Sivula is the fact that it works whatever the weather and season. The chain is never frozen or stiff, no matter if it’s raining, snowing or icy. Over the years, many different variations for securing a load have been tested at Lamminsivu. 

“This is the only one that has worked and that all our drivers find a pleasure to use. We are now getting very close to the fastest, most efficient and most inexpensive way of doing what we do. This is how easy it should be and how things should be done,” he says.

The reliability of the load tightener, in Sivula’s opinion, is due to its simple, hard-wearing structure. The company has tested the load tighteners in all kinds of conditions, including very harsh ones, and have found that they work well and are still in full working order after a year of use.

“We have really put them through many kinds of tough situations. The load stayed secure even when the trailer fell over. When we lifted the trailer back up we found the system completely undamaged, with only a few scratches. In short, we have put the load tighteners through the wringer. We haven’t treated them with silk gloves; instead, we put them to work and worked them hard. If a product like this survives in our hands, it has to be great.” 

The project with A.J. Lamminsivu was run by Marcus Peth on behalf of Alucar. When Alucar decided to test its Eagle 95T bunks with in-built load tighteners, he knew Lamminsivu Oy would provide sufficiently challenging transport conditions for them.

“They have put our bunks with in-built load tighteners to good use, and we get important feedback on the product. The load tighteners have clearly done their job and done it well,” Marcus says.