This is America

Alucar is cracking open the door to the American market with its new comprehensively equipped subframe.

Virpi Hattula

ALUCAR has had connections in North America since it began its export sales in the 1990s. Until today, however, it has received orders for timber bunks only occasionally from that continent, and Alucar’s entire product range has not yet been fully presented to this huge market.
“In 2020, Alucar’s export sales to America took a leap forward when we built a comprehensively equipped subframe for an American truck,” Alucar’s Export Manager Virpi Hattula explains.

ALUCAR BUILT a subframe designed for the American Peterbilt truck in collaboration with Hiab USA. The initiative came from Jani Koskinen at Hiab USA. The company wanted to incorporate Finnish know-how in the truck and to present their new forestry crane at the same time.
“Hiab USA’s sales team will exhibit the finished show truck in various states in the USA, focusing at first on customers who use the cut-to length (CTL) method. Logging trucks equipped with a crane are not yet a standard feature in raw wood transport in the USA, but we can see great potential for a light, well thought out and easy-to-install package like this in the market,” Jani Koskinen says.

VIRPI HATTULA is extremely satisfied with the new stage Alucar is entering in the American market.
“The design and integration of the truck and subframe with Peterbilt went very smoothly. We have also communicated more frequently with other operators across the seas this year. Thanks to virtual tools, we have been able to establish new contacts without having to travel,” she says happily.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Export Sales Manager Virpi if you have interest in our solutions!