“Driving a timber truck is freedom.”

Mikael Enberg and his son William from Ekenäs recently picked up their new timber truck from Alucar. In total, Enberg has now had five cars built at Alucar and have been in the timber transport business for 14 years. William look forward to the day he can continue with the family business.

In the transport industry, on the other hand, he has now worked for about 23 years and currently has five trucks in his company R.M Enberg Transport , of which three for transporting soft drinks and two for transporting timber. We had the opportunity to ask some questions to Mikael and William when they were visiting Maxmo.

William and Mikael Enberg with their latest “Made in Maxmo” timber truck

What do you like most about your profession?

Driving a timber truck is freedom.

Freedom and being out in the woods and nature is absolutely the best thing about this profession. In everyday life, of course, there will be a lot of challenges, but we overcome them. One of the biggest challenges are the road conditions, turning and such, but it is something that is constantly improving. Different seasons bring different challenges.

R.M Enberg Transport will participate with this timber truck at Nordic Trophy in Mantorp, Sweden.

Why should anyone choose Alucar?

Quality above all. Everything is possible with you guys. You tailor the timber truck as I want it. If the solution is not available at the time of planning, you will develop exactly the solution that is needed. I appreciate that there is always an open dialogue with you. When I as a customer want that little extra, you make sure that I 100% get what I want, even though we customers have some wild wishes sometimes (laughs).

The driver who drives the timber truck also gets to be highly involved when it comes to the planning of the timber truck. For me, it is important that he gets what he want and need as a timber truck driver. The work tool must be easy to use and the driver must feel safe.

How do you feel about collaborating with us?

It is an incredibly wonderful bunch of people to work with. I do not know what I would choose if it were not Alucar. From the very beginning, the collaboration with you has worked well. I have always received exactly what I need. You guys are just a call away and are ready to help if there is something I am wondering about. As a customer, we are always treated very well, it is really at the top level. We always feel welcomed with you, whether it is when we visit you in Maxmo or out at exhibitions somewhere.

How would you describe Alucar with three words?

Openness, positivity and quality . Everything with Alucar is quality, from the moment one start planning through the whole project and afterwards too. Something that is especially positive about you is how you take care of a customer after the timber truck is ready. Your guys follow up how it goes and call and ask how we are, it is very much appreciated.

I am happy to have been involved in planning this timber truck

William Enberg