Alucar was the first and only option for Kuljetus Raukola – progressive and comprehensive service receives praise

Kuljetus Raukola JT Oy offers wood transport services in Kanta-Häme. Through Alucar they got superstructures that perfectly matched their needs and wishes.

Miika Raukola is the CEO of Kuljetus Raukola JT Oy, and he transports wood mainly in the Kanta-Häme region together with his father. Raukola has been involved with the business from a very young age.

“The best thing about this line of business is freedom. I don’t really have any schedules,” he says.

The Raukolas first cooperated with Alucar over 10 years ago, when they ordered new stakes for their truck. However, in July 2021 they started using a truck with superstructures entirely done by Alucar. Alucar was their first and only option.

“Alucar makes sure that customers get what they want”

The lightness, appearance and aluminum as a material were important qualities for Raukola when he was ordering the superstructures. He is happy with both the result and Alucar’s desire to fulfill the customer’s wishes.

“There isn’t anything better than a truck made just for you. Alucar listens carefully to customers’ wishes and makes sure that they get what they want. No compromises were needed,” Raukola states.

“Progressive service, everything was made ready”

Compared to previous projects with others, Raukola praises Alucar for comprehensive service and staying on schedule.

“The superstructures’ building process is very progressive at Alucar. Everything was made ready, including the electrics. Despite corona and the poor availability of materials, Alucar still stayed on schedule,” Raukola says.

Raukola has also appreciated the good communication during and after the project.

“When I was ordering the truck, I got 3D pictures of it in my email. By looking at the pictures I was able to get a better understanding of what the truck would look like. It is also nice that Alucar has called me afterwards to ask how everything has worked, Raukola says.