Superstructure post-inspections further improve customer experience

Big changes happened at Alucar at the beginning of 2021. Markus Påhls started in a brand new warranty adviser position, and Alucar began offering post-inspections for superstructures made in Maxmo. The goal is to extend the cars’ lifespans and provide great customer service even after the car has been delivered.

Alucar is a pioneer in providing a superior customer experience even after the truck is delivered. The new post-inspection service for superstructures first started at the beginning of 2021.

“We offer a post-inspection for all the superstructures installed in Maxmo. The inspection should be done three months after the truck has been put on the road,” says Markus Påhls, Alucar’s warranty adviser.

The post-inspection includes a close review of the superstructures’ condition to make sure that they are secure and everything works like it should. At the same time, the goal is to extend the truck’s lifespan.

A warranty adviser improves customer service

Påhls has worked at Alucar for 7 years, and at the beginning of 2021 he became Alucar’s first warranty adviser. He helps both customers and suppliers in all warranty related matters and also offers technical support.

“This is a brand new position at Alucar, and it enables faster warranty handling and customer service. A warranty adviser investigates the root cause of a problem that might occur, for example, during the post-inspection. We also learn to improve our products when possible flaws are found and fixed, states Påhls. 

The post-inspections benefit both the customer and the company

Customer satisfaction is of great importance to Alucar. By offering post-inspections Alucar can further improve customer service and make it more comprehensive.

“Thanks to the spare part sales and our new post-inspection service, we can help customers even after the truck has been delivered. We also call the customer a few months after the inspection to ask how everything has been working,” says Påhls.

In addition to maintaining customer satisfaction and relationships, the post-inspections help with warranty handling.

“At Alucar, the superstructures’ are tailored according to the customer’s wishes. By offering post-inspections we can ensure the functionality of these individual solutions. If any repairs are needed, they can be taken care of during the inspection. This makes warranty handling easier,” Påhls points out. 

The post-inspections have an important role in product development as well.

“If we find something to improve during the inspection, it may generate good ideas for product development. At the same time, we can prevent the same problems from occurring again. In this way, we can offer even better service for our customers in the future,” says Påhls.

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