Eagle 75 – A New Steel Timber Bunk with Detachable Stakes

“An aluminium timber bunk has one unbeatable advantage: its light weight. Other important qualities were prioritised in designing the Eagle.”

Alucar has designed a new, forward-looking alternative for the timber bunk market – a steel bunk with detachable stakes. The Eagle 75 steel timber bunk will serve drivers who swear by steel but still want to use a reliable supplier, one that has invested steadily in product development and always has spare parts in stock.

Easy installation and spare parts service

Thanks to the detachable stakes, the spare parts service for the Eagle 75 steel bunks is considerably simpler and easier than for steel structures that are welded together. Surface treatment is also higher in quality when the parts have been treated separately.
“We have invested in the functionality, durability and appearance of the Eagle bunks and they stand out very positively in the market,” says Finne. The new timber bunk model was presented for the first time at the FinnMETKO trade show from 1st to 3rd September 2016.

The installation of the Eagle steel bunks is especially easy due to their new type of fixings. The same timber bunks can be used on different length trailers and can always be mounted mechanically without any welding or drilling.

The bunks also have mountings for various accessories, such as quick releasers, chain holders, crane hooks and load tighteners.

Minimises vibration during driving

The Eagle timber bunk is made from the most recently developed high strength low alloy steels. The new timber bunk structure is optimally suited for the stake lengths required for truck dimensions today. The skilful design of the timber bunk shape, detachable stakes and fixings has also minimised vibration during driving. Otherwise, when driving without a load, there is a danger of the vibration causing fractures in the bunk’s horizontal beam. Often the vibration can also travel to the sub-frame of the truck or trailer. This can be rectified by changing the stake’s centre of gravity.
“The Eagle stakes taper on all sides towards the top, which lowers their centre of gravity. This reduces vibration considerably,” Finne points out.

Although best known for their aluminium products, Alucar wants to serve their customers as broadly as possible, which is why the company has complemented their portfolio by designing an excellently functioning steel timber bunk.
“The light weight of the aluminium timber bunk is an unbeatable advantage. That is why we decided to prioritise other important qualities when designing the Eagle, instead of weight optimisation,” Finne explains.

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