Z-crane can also be moved closer to and farther from the frame with a detachable crane console


With the new changes to legislation on truck dimensions and vehicle weights in Finland, logging drivers’ interest in the Z-crane has clearly increased. The crane and its beams can be packed at the back of the truck, because in bigger articulated trucks it is more important than ever to utilise the entire cargo space as precisely as possible. Also, the crane’s boom and grapple cannot always be left on top of the load because of height limitations.

When the truck is being driven without a load and the Z-crane is packed at the its rear end, its weight lies on the truck’s rear overhang. This lightens the weight on the front axle and reduces the truck’s manoeuvrability, especially in tight terrain in the forest. However, manoeuvrability can be improved significantly when the crane is positioned as close to the frame of the truck as possible. This also moves the crane’s centre of gravity forward, putting more weight on the front axle.

Moving the crane closer to the frame can be achieved both with integral and detachable crane consoles, and Alucar has a great solution for both. Due to the gap between the sockets and the console shafts, the operating characteristics of each type of crane console change when the crane is moved further away from the frame.

Alucar has developed various tighteners to prevent the crane from swaying. The detachable console can be made sturdier with hydraulic tighteners utilising six hydraulic cylinders. In an integral crane, the tighteners are located in the console and it has two hydraulic cylinders. Alucar’s detachable crane console is also available with longer shafts. This means that the crane can be moved away from the frame far enough even if the socket has been pulled well towards the frame. Because Alucar’s new i-beam console in the crane has no reinforcement band, its supporting rack is completely straight. The support rack carries the crane’s shaft even if the crane is moved further away from the frame.


Ulkopuolinen nosturiteline = detachable crane console

Sisäpuolinen nosturiteline = Integratd crane console