A family business with its second change of generation in the pipeline

asiakas_vanha_engPekka Valtonen is a 55-year-old member of an established line of logging transport business owners and a fan of Alucar products through and through. Valtonen runs an old family business that was started after the war in 1946, when his father started transporting timber. Valtonen himself jumped into the driver’s seat in the 1980s and soon became a partner along with his brothers, whom he finally bought out in 2006.
“Now I have three sons of my own who are all involved in the company and we are planning a change of ownership in the coming years. I’m happy that they want to continue the business,” Valtonen says contentedly.

The company Kuljetusliike Valtonen currently has six of its own trucks, plus its partner’s two logging trucks driving regularly under its name. In addition to the manager himself, the company employs 13 other drivers, and its trucks mainly transport timber for UPM in the Forssa economic area.

Right now, Valtonen is considering how best to allocate the company’s resources, its transport equipment and drivers. What would be the optimal number of trucks and their optimal quality and how to organise sufficient drivers now that they are scarce? The job itself Valtonen finds very interesting, and every day is different. Although there is always plenty to think about for a business owner, he enjoys the freedom of his work.
“As long as you fulfil your customer’s wishes, you can decide how you want to do it.”

Valtonen praises Alucar’s superstructures and says they have served him superbly over his long career. In the 1980s, the aluminium solutions offered by Alucar were still new to the sector. Valtonen wanted to try them to see if they would bring durability and lightness to his truck and was not disappointed.
“Alucar’s superstructures are functional, stylish and durable. What’s more, they keep improving and the finish is second to none. Even logging trucks can be beautiful!”

Valtonen has been extremely happy with the availability of spare parts at Alucar, a service that he says has always been very quick and has worked tremendously well. All that is needed is one call to an Alucar dealer you know, and it’s sorted.
“We always get what we need straight away. When we order something it arrives in just a few days.”

“Even logging trucks can be beautiful!”

Thanks to the long collaboration, the staff at Alucar have become good personal acquaintances to him and are always easy to do business with.
“They know exactly what I want for my truck and they just do it. I hope Alucar continues to invest in product development and keeps advancing with transport equipment. Right now, their workmanship is extremely high in quality,” Valtonen commends.