Our Customers Value Quality and Durability

“It’s difficult to improve on the best :). Carry on the good work.”

Alucar’s latest customer survey took place at the Helsinki Logistics Transport Exhibition in 2015. As many as 155 logging truck business owners and logging truck drivers participated in the survey. Up to 98% of the respondents were happy with Alucar products.
“It’s the same figure as in the 2014 survey, and we are thrilled about that,” says Export Manager Virpi Hattula who compiled the survey.

93% consider Alucar products high in quality

The sectors for which Alucar received excellent marks include the following: the availability of the staff, the speed of the service, the handling of notices of defects and how well the staff are able to solve any problems that arise. The survey also asked whether customers felt that Alucar was trustworthy and innovative.
“How could we be anything but extremely grateful for such replies? The scale given was 1–5, but no sector was rated below 4,” Hattula smiles.

92% consider Alucar products durable

The respondents were asked for their reasons for choosing Alucar products and services. They particularly appreciated the fact that the products are specifically designed for timber transport. Other areas that received good marks were the company’s short delivery deadlines, high quality and the price-quality ratio. Customers highlighted particularly the following positive considerations concerning Alucar products:

  • low tare weight, large volume
  • wear-resistant, easy to repair
  • easy to install and service
  • smart finish, durability
  • availability of spare parts

87% would recommend Alucar products to colleagues, friends and acquaintances

There were also some suggestions for improvements, while at the same time Alucar’s product development especially was highly praised:

  • more smart innovations
  • a wider range of different kinds of timber bunks
  • as few “chutes” as possible to ensure easy washing and cleaning of the truck
  • spare parts and timber bunks for self-instalment should also be made available in Central and Eastern Finland

84% feel that they receive fast service from Alucar

Hattula explains that this time the survey focused on certain products in more detail. Of these, the headboard, for example, was commended for its neatness and light weight, though some respondents wished that its wind resistance could be reduced.
“As a solution for this, Alucar offers perforated upper panels for the headboard,” Hattula says.