Alucar sales growing in Poland

“Customers praise Alucar products especially for their durability, long life and aesthetic design,” Cezary Rogalewski says.

Alucar exports about two thirds of its products, and Poland is one of its fast-developing export countries. The Polish family business Hydrog has been an Alucar dealer since 2013. As well as superstructures, the company sells and installs hydraulic and pneumatic products and cranes, and so Alucar products are an excellent addition to its product range.

In just a few years, Alucar has been able to establish its position in the Polish market. More and more customers recognise Alucar, and interest in their products is growing quickly.

“So far we have been able to increase the market share of Alucar products in Poland every year,” says the Managing Director of Hydrog, Cezary Rogalewski. He is the second generation owner of the company founded by his father.

However, Alucar sales did not start without a hitch. Rogalewski explains that the prices of Alucar superstructures are a little higher than Polish transport companies are used to, and convincing customers of the cost-effectiveness of the investment took some time.

“Steel superstructures are very popular in Poland and their prices are lower than those of Alucar products,” Rogalewski says.

In the first few years, as well as marketing Alucar products, Rogalewski spent a lot of time talking about the characteristics of aluminium superstructures.

“Now that we have a lot of satisfied customers who spread the word about our excellent products, our work has become much easier.”                                                                                                                               

According to Rogalewski, Polish customers today value high quality more and more, which results in increased interest in Alucar. Customers praise Alucar products especially for their durability, long life and aesthetic design.

Over the last few years, logging transport, as well as the country’s entire forest industry, has been developing quickly. The average length of transported timber keeps growing, and Alucar’s product range meets the new requirements for superstructures superbly. The growing demands on earnings and efficiency are another factor that draws customers to seek new and technically progressive solutions. Alucar’s Managing Director Anssi Alasaari considers the Polish market particularly interesting.

­ “The majority of logging in Poland is still done manually, but mechanical harvesting is increasing all the time. At the same time, timber transport is becoming more and more professional,” Alasaari explains.

Cooperation between Alucar and Hydrog has been close and very smooth throughout this time, and Rogalewski has been more than satisfied with their work together.

“Together, we develop the perfect solutions for the challenges our customers are facing,” he says.

Rogalewski particularly appreciates Alucar’s openness to receiving and listening to customers’ wishes and suggestions. Not surprisingly, an important reason for Alucar’s success in Poland is its high-quality of service, made possible by excellent cooperation.


  • A family company founded in 1990
  • Sells and installs hydraulic products, cranes and superstructures
  • Alucar dealer since 2013
  • Head office in Białystok in North-Eastern Poland

Forests in Poland

  • Forests cover about 30% of the country’s total land area
  • The majority of the forests are situated on the fringe areas of the country
  • About 80% of the forests are publicly owned
  • The dominant harvesting method is manual logging with a chain saw
  • The share of mechanical harvesting is growing fast

 Source: Metla