ALU timber bunks combine lightness and durability

Your family has a long history of logging transport – what attracted you to this business, Reijo Ruhkala?

I’ve been involved in this business since I was 17, I’ve been a truck driver since I got my driving licence and I’ve run a logging transport business since 1982, so timber transport is in my bones. I like how varied the work is and that I get to roam in forests and nature while working. Of course, it’s also great to continue running the family business in my father’s footsteps and with outstanding employees.

Why did you choose ALU timber bunks?

We’ve used aluminium bunks right from the start of our business. I think they are the best combination of smart appearance and durability – these timber bunks look great even after tough use and they’re easy to use. The ALU timber bunk is a modern product and the new anodised bunks have been made stronger than ever, without forgoing lightness. We’ve had no problems with our timber bunks and have seen no reason to switch something that’s working so well.

How has your cooperation with Alucar been?

My father visited Alucar for the first time in the 80s and we’ve been collaborating ever since. Of course, in those days, both our transport company and Alucar’s operations were still in their infancy. Now both businesses have developed considerably from back then and I suppose you could say that we have grown side by side with Alucar. Based on our long history together, we know that Alucar always delivers. Alucar engages in continuous product development to come up with new innovations for its timber bunks – I particularly like the fact that they keep developing their durability because that is vital in our sector for road safety alone.