Staff are awarded a prize for over 15 years of outstanding work career at Alucar!

Staff are awarded a prize for over 15 years of outstanding work career at Alucar!

These people have worked at Alucar for over 15 years, and their career continues. Their work experience is seen as an important part of Alucar’s success, at the end of last year they were awarded a prize for their work effort.

It is truly amazing that we have these experienced and positive work colleagues in our team!

Lotta Nissilä joined Alucar in 2002, with the idea of ​​working here for a few months. However, that plan changed quickly. At that time, only two women worked at the company. Now, after over 15 years, the staff has gained a strong increase in both women and men. According to Nissilä, the best thing about work at Alucar is all social situations because she is in contact with customers already on the phone, and she is the first to meet visitors when they arrive at the reception.

Lotta is always up for a good laugh and she is not late to offer both personnel and guest our popular candies!

Christian Stenberg ensures that our products are of top quality thanks to his indescribable skill as a professional welder. Stenberg’s best memory is our 30th anniversary party which we had a few years ago and attracted over 600 people to an unforgettable party. Stenberg believes that the best thing about Alucar is that the company is constantly developing and growing!

Stefan Nykvist has handled loading of deliveries to and from Alucar. With his careful and precise working methods, he ensures that our products will safely be loaded to all corners of the world. Nykvist also remembers the 30th anniversary celebration as a great and memorable event and that it is positive that Alucar is expanding in the world!

Leif Finne has been involved in the development of Alucar’s products for more than 15 years and is always extremely pleased to see a finished timber truck. Each project is planned from the customer’s point of view and it is rewarding to see the products in action. When he sees that the solutions made specifically for the customer work as they should, and the customer is satisfied with the result, he is very pleased. His best memory is from the IAA Fair in Hanover a few years ago when our superstructure was presented at a booth, it was impressive!


They all see themselves working for Alucar for another 15 years! We really hope so!