Jyrki Hirviniemi, Production Manager at Alucar, and Patrick Lindh, Sourcing Manager

We are pleased to announce that Jyrki Hirviniemi (pictured left) has started as Alucar Production Manager on 10.12.2018. Jyrki’s area of responsibility is production planning, production management and development of manufacturing methods.

Patrick Lindh (pictured right), continues focusing on purchasing activitites at his new postition as Sourcing Manager. Patrick is responsible for developing the subcontracting chain. The importance of subcontractors to Alucar Oy’s operations is great.

Alucar Oy’s production and personnel numbers have risen year by year, and Patrick’s and Jyrk’s cooperation will ensure that our operations continue to grow.


You can reach Jyrki by phone 040 557 8844 and email to jyrki.hirviniemi@alucar.com

Patrick is reached by phone at 040 731 2345 and email patrick.lindh@alucar.com