Marcus Peth has worked at Alucar since youth

How did you end up working for Alucar?

I came here for a summer job at age 14 in 1992. My job then was to stick decals onto timber bunks. I got a permanent job in 1997 and after that I’ve done every job possible. At first I was a mechanic and welder, in 2002 I became a supervisor on the mechanic side and in 2013 I became a dealer. Becoming a dealer wasn’t really a big step, because I already had a lot of customer contacts as a supervisor.

People who know Alucar may recognise your last name; why is that?

They may well do, because my father Svante Peth worked here for years as a dealer before retiring recently. As a child, I often came to work with him and knew all his workmates, so it felt very natural to come and work here myself. I never really thought about any other alternatives.

What’s the most fun part of your job?

Definitely meeting customers and dealing with them. Personal connection is really important; being in touch by phone and e-mail is not enough. Many of our customers have become good friends and when we meet we talk about much more than just work.

What’s your typical workday like?

About half of my working time is spent travelling all over Finland, meeting customers. The rest of the time I sit in the office. Because I’m a Swedish speaker, the coast and the Åland Islands are my responsibility and I’m also in charge of being in contact with our trailer manufacturers. When I’m travelling, I usually drive at night and meet people in the day.

What do you do when you’re not working?

My favourite hobby is hunting and I also do forest work to keep fit. I enjoy spending time at my cottage and in the archipelago. I live in Maxmo with my family.