Thomas Partanen knows forestry

How well did you know it beforehand?

I started work as asales person at Alucar in September 2014. Although I’ve lived in this village my whole life, this is my first job in this company. Many of my mates have had summer jobs at Alucar, but I’ve been doing other stuff till now. That’s why I didn’t know the company particularly well beforehand, though of course I knew its products and that they were really going somewhere.

What’s your professional background?

I’ve worked both as a driver and driver coordinator in transport. I also know forestry machines well, because I used to drive one and I’ve worked in a factory making them. So the timber industry is already familiar to me. Now it’s nice to try something new and have a bit of variety.

How have you liked sales work?

I like it very much. We’ve visited customers and I was introduced to them, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people. Of course, it will take some time to build the customers’ trust in me and before I get my own circle of customers. Alucar is a growing company so there’s something new to learn all the time. My geographical area of responsibility is Sweden and the Baltic countries, where there’s still a great deal of potential for expanding our market share. There’s been a lot of interest in the area towards our products.

How do you relax after your day working with logging trucks?

Even my free-time interests lie with vehicles and my hobbies include all kinds of fast driving from folkraces to snowmobiles. I also have an old excavator that I repair so much that you could call it a hobby.