Trucks are Julius Närvä’s passion

You’ve been a sales person at Alucar for long time; what makes it enjoyable still?

There are many great things about my job. For starters, I’ve been interested in trucks since I was a little boy. Our customers are really nice and many of them have become my good personal friends. Also, the whole industry is quite special, because our customers need such different solutions: each and every superstructure is a project of its own, tailored to the customer’s specifications. The incredibly fast technological advances mean that trucks change all the time. My job requires creativity and problem solving every day. What makes it a lot easier is the fact that I used to be a heavy-vehicle mechanic.

Is sales teamwork or more independent?

A sales person is also the project manager of the vehicles he or she has sold so, in addition to sales, I work daily in close cooperation with Alucar’s product development and production. Together, we plan solutions for customers’ specific needs and consider the best technical approaches to take at the factory. This requires teamwork, in addition to the more independent sales work.

How do you keep in contact with your customers?

Mostly by phone. During my commute from Seinäjoki to Maxmo, I talk with customers on the phone and I’m also available in the evenings. A dealer actually works 24/7, because customers may call at any time. I always answer my phone, because customers may be in dire need of help and I know they wouldn’t call me for nothing.

What do you do in your free time?

When I’m not working, I mostly spend my time with my three young children. Whenever I have time, I like to ride enduro or my ATV on ice roads. I have all the equipment for both sports, because I used to compete. Now they’re only a fun hobby, because I don’t have time to train seriously.