Bennesveds Åkeri

Customer Story – Bennesveds Åkeri

Thorbjörn Bennesved has bought his last three timber trucks ready prepared and has nothing but good things to say about the experience. The trucks are delivered quicker and there are fewer instances of defects.

Thorbjörn Bennesved

BENNESVEDS ÅKERI, a company operating in Southern Sweden, owns 11 logging trucks. The company bought its first prepared timber truck in 2017. In practice, this means that all the necessary holes were pre-drilled into the truck chassis during manufacture at the Volvo factory. Thorbjörn Bennesved had heard about this buying option from Alucar.

– Right away, I was surprised at the quality of the end result. The coverage of the lacquering was better, and the increased precision meant less strain on the truck.

” A win-win for Alucar, the truck manufacturer and the customer alike ”

Impressed by the results, Bennesved ordered his next two trucks ready prepared as well. On this second order, the fittings were more extensive. In addition to pre-drilled holes, cables were also pre-installed.

– I’m certain that this concept can be taken even further, Bennesved says. I believe that, in the future, factory-made pre-fitted solutions inside cabins will also be available.

According to Bennesved, all the parties benefit from having the truck chassis prepared at the factory. The customer gets their truck quicker, and the quality of the pre-fitted details is improved. Alucar and the truck manufacturer, meanwhile, benefit from receiving and dealing with fewer notifications of defects. Bennesved has nothing but praise for Alucar. He is impressed with Alucar’s work and customer relationships and, over the course of the last five years, Bennesved Åkeri has bought superstructures exclusively from Alucar.

I give Alucar my highest recommendation .

– I give Alucar my highest recommendation. They pay close attention to the customer’s needs and wishes, are ready to come up with new solutions and always live up to their word. While their products may not be the cheapest, in the long run, their high quality saves on expenses and makes them the most cost-effective option.