Start in time – Prepared truck solutions take quality to a whole new level

Alucar cooperates with truck factories in preparing timber truck chassis for the desired superstructure. The requirements of the superstructure are already taken into account at the factory before starting to build it: the necessary holes are made in the chassis frame before the surface treatment and preparations are made for the desired rear overhang. In addition, the bevel cut required for the crane bracket is completed.

This preparatory model is already in use in Sweden at the Volvo and Scania factories.

WHEN A FACTORY carries out preparations like these, the result is higher quality logging trucks. This is what Alucar’s Product Development Engineer Anders Lundberg and Export Sales Manager Thomas Partanen assure. When the end customer’s and superstructure builder’s needs are known at the truck factory, the frame of the chassis can be prepared to meet their needs. This ensures that no compromises are necessary when installing the logging truck’s superstructure.

Anders Lundberg

“This concept guarantees that we can supply the truck faster to the end customer. The greatest advantage, however, is quality which we can tune up to the utmost when the truck is already prepared for the superstructure at the factory, ” Lundberg explains.

WHEN THE CUSTOMER communicates what equipment they want in their new logging truck at the ordering phase, the mounting holes for the bolt can be made in the correct places in the chassis frame beforehand. The chassis is not surface treated at the factory until after the holes have been made, which means that the holes too have protective paint in them – unlike when drilling them afterwards, which makes it trickier.

THE REAR OVERHANG of the frame is made the desired length and the right length wiring for working lights is completed at the factory. When everything is correct, right from the start, it means savings and a stronger end result.

Thomas Partanen

“If the rear overhang is too short, the frame beams will have to be extended afterwards, which always makes the welded seam a little weaker than the beam. Also, if the electric cable is extended, the joint will always be vulnerable,” Thomas Partanen explains.

Holes can be cut in the frame for the following components, as required:

– Hydraulic oil tank
– Toolbox
– Sanding gear
– Fixed and detachable crane bracket
– Mud wing brackets
– Chassis crossreinforcements
– Drawbar components
– Side underrun protection
– Ice chain holders

COLLABORATION between Alucar, the reseller, customer and the truck factory works best if they are in close contact right from the purchase decision. The customer explains what they want, and on this basis the dealer and Alucar will work out the details of the future superstructure. Last but not least, an order is placed at the truck factory, naming the desired preparations.

– “When we can influence the preparations to be carried out on the truck right fro the order, there will be no unpleasant surprises with building the superstructure and no compromises that may weaken its quality,” Partanen says.

Alucar’s collaboration with truck factories started with Volvo over ten years ago. Over the years, their cooperation has become closer, and the partners have created Volvo Pro Wood model for preparatory operations. Today Alucar also engages in preparatory collaboration with the Scania truck factory in Sweden.

-“We are now launching similar cooperation with all other truck factories, too. We recommend that the dealer and customer contact us already when planning to order a new truck so that we can be sure to make the preparations that best work for the customer,” Lundberg and Partanen say.